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Want to do what you can to reduce your risk of cancer? A new study is pointing to some specific actions you can take — and how much difference it can make.In the American Cancer Society study,
Tonight marks the start of what is popularly considered to be the best meteor shower of the year. The annual Perseid meteor shower, the most popular in the northern hemisphere, kicks off Monday
WASHINGTON (AP) — A Massachusetts man has regained his voice after surgeons removed his cancerous larynx and, in a pioneering move, replaced it with a donated one.Transplants of the so-called voice
Readers celebrated the glamour and history of the Windy City in our annual “World’s Best Awards” survey of 2024.Chicago offers no shortage of hotels for travelers seeking the ultimate in bespoke
Hear the pitch from Anna Barnacka, founder of MindMics, a next-generation health platform powered by sound-based technology that is worn in-ear. Do our investors want to make a deal? Every contestant
San Diego Blood Bank is currently looking for donors to help victims of Hurricane Beryl, the category one hurricane that hit Texas early Monday. According to the Blood Bank, the storm surges,
HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Marine Mammal Center responded to a Hawaiian monk seal who was found with a “nylon strap snug around her body.” Get Hawaii’s latest morning news delivered to your inbox,
It didn’t take long for the Carolina Panthers franchise to earn an NFL playoff berth. They made it to postseason play in the second season of the franchise. These days, they are trying to rebuild the
Screams from a 13-year-old swimming in an Indiana river triggered a heroic response from a passerby, Indiana officials say. The Columbus Fire Department said the boy was swimming alone in the White
READ MORE: Give SLIM people Ozempic! BMI guidelines overhaul proposedGame-changing weight loss jabs could help ward off up to 10 types of cancer, research suggests. Wegovy, Ozempic and other fat
A dog was a father figure to puppies at a shelter — but needed a home of his own. Then after more than 200 days of waiting, the North Carolina shelter said Chance the dog was adopted. “There wasn’t a
"Do you all play to August?" "How do you make a baby?" And, has it ever rained at American Family Field. These were just a few of the questions Milwaukee Brewers pitcher
1.A pack of flower-shaped fizzing toilet bombs so you can give your toilet a cleansing spa treatment without all that unnecessary scrubbing. It's basically a bath bomb but for your porcelain throne.2
Good samaritans rescued a young lamb after it fell inside a rock crevice and became stuck. The young couple were out on a hike last month in Chongqing, southwest China, when they heard a black sheep bleating repeatedly. After cautiously approaching the sheep, the couple realised the mother was calling out for help. Her young lamb had fallen down a small hole and was stuck between some rocks. Footage shows one of the hikers reaching into the hole and grabbing the lamb before gently pulling it out. The man then can be seen carrying the lamb to reunite it with its mother.
TROON, Scotland — The winner of The 152nd British Open at Royal Troon will receive $3.1 million in prize money, the R&A announced on Monday. The Champion Golfer of the Year will bank the
A better night's sleep is only a click away.
Delaying diabetes for four years through diet and exercise can reduce the long-term risk of death for people with prediabetes, new research indicates.The study suggests these changes should be
There are usually two groups of people when it comes to owning dogs: those who prefer the smaller/mid breeds, and those who go all out with the big ones. They're so brave; big dogs can sometimes
The world is in love with the movies and a particular white-gloved mouse, and summer can be the perfect time to visit the Central Florida meccas inextricably tied to them. Universal Studios and

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