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Amazon Prime Day is an excellent time for snapping up bedding bargains, but you don’t have to hang around if you’re ready to treat yourself right now. That’s because there are some great early Prime
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Food insecurity continues to increase across the country as well as in East Tennessee.Food insecurity occurs when individuals do not have enough food in order to meet their
Lupus is caused by a specific defect in the immune system that can be reversed, potentially curing the autoimmune disorder, a new study claims. The disease appears to be caused by malfunctions in an
The Boston area has produced a long line of world-class musicians — from Aerosmith to New Edition to the next generation being trained at Berklee — so it’s no surprise our music clubs are teeming
Dogs are better known for doing tricks than cats are, but that doesn't mean that there aren't cats out there who can be trained to do seriously impressive stuff. After all, no one should ever
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The crew for a Nasa mission to Mars has emerged after a year – despite never leaving the planet. The team of four volunteers spent more than 12 months inside Nasa’s first simulated Mars environment
The best Netflix miniseries offer concise yet powerful stories that can keep viewers hooked, from the captivating The Queen's Gambit to the award-winning Beef.
All right, y'all this eight week old kittens recovering after someone threw it from a moving car. The man who found the kitten says that she was sealed in a plastic bag. Channel 2 Gwinnett County
British patients with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease are flying to New York to be treated with new wonder drugs following delays in the UK, an expert has warned.The breakthrough drugs, called
What makes a good bookstore? A wide selection of titles, of course, a knowledgeable staff, a solid roster of literary events, that bookstore smell — all mandatory. But these shops all offer something
For nearly 40 years, Dea Hurston was a powerful force in San Diego’s theater community. She was an underwriter, arts commissioner, community engagement leader, gala planner and outspoken voice for
WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Waterbury teenagers are being credited with stepping in to help an abandoned, neglected dog. Man faces animal cruelty charges after video shows dog being kicked in
Movie cancellations at the last minute are common occurrences in the film industry due to financial challenges and various other setbacks, leaving creators and fans disappointed with what could have
An “elusive” mammal known for its striking red coloring was born at a Michigan zoo as part of species conservation efforts. The baby red panda came into the world June 19 and is faring well so far,
Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. The oldest known plague victims date back to around 5
Good Omens is finally getting a comic book adaptation; these are some of the key moments that fans are most looking forward to seeing illustrated.
A former news anchor is coming to the aid of a Westchester family hoping to raise enough money to build a therapy pool for their young son facing a challenging
The largest blaze of the California wildfire season, the Lake Fire in Santa Barbara County, grew to over 38,000 acres by Friday, fueled by gusty winds and extreme temperatures, authorities said.
Apicomplexan parasites are a common cause of disease, infecting hundreds of millions of people each year. They are responsible for spreading malaria; cryptosporidiosis—a severe childhood diarrheal

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